Co-creating Through Cartographies of Care

The Cockroach collective is a group of 46 students infesting the landscape of photography and exploring the possibilities of the medium to go beyond traditional definitions.

Co-creating Through Cartographies of Care is a collective effort to expand the definition of care aiming at the broader understanding of what care means in the contemporary world and how art can be seen as a manifestation and tool of care. 

The act of creation is an act of care, creating work is a movement towards expression of one's honest desire to connect with others. In our exhibition we would like to share what we care about, in the ever changing world that surrounds us. 

We have been driven to create an an opportunity for everyone, the audience and the artists, felt seen and listened to. At our core we are guided by equality, inclusivity and respect. The willingness to take care of one another is a representative trait of our time when we all need additional support. These turbulent years are reflected in the ways we create work and the themes we explore. Furthermore, we want to challenge photography and explore it as a means of care to reflect our world today. 

With Unfolding Territories: Co-existing Through Cartographies of Care, we create a space which carries a proposition. What if creation is an act of care?  

You are invited to start a dialogue about what care could mean in society, betting on the idea that art can be truly transformative if it comes from a place of love, respect, and curiosity for the other. 


The projects are organised in five islands. You can imagine an archipelago of care, fluidly divided by water, where each island is in conversation with another. To navigate these waters and explore the islands, we provide you with a map but be aware, map is not a territory, a map is an artificial structure, territory is what lies beneath, the real connection we experience through care. 


Works that serve as a tool to question what is now too ephemeral to grasp. This island is a place for speculative fabrications and delicious ambiguity.. It is less about the statements and more about the questions. Present in the moment, while asking where we are heading. What are the implications of the past while facing the uncertainty of not knowing? We are not trying to predict, but rather have the chance to intervene with shaping the future or giving meaning to the past. 

Sabi Nicholson
MAryam Touzani
Aaryan Sinha
Sean Charlton White
Megan Irusta Cornet
Ankie van Kasteren
Jeroen Zwaap
Monika Góralczyk
Leo Reuvekamp
Magali Speicher


This Island accommodates the projects which aim at understanding and integrating an inclusive notion of otherness. One in which the “other” is not being categorized under binary frameworks, described with oppositional structures, but rather seen as part of regenerative, perpetual conversation. Projects which aren’t afraid of encountering differences and being repositioned by it. Can we help each other to find a place of belonging, connecting through a shared space and shared moment?

Helena Roig Prats
Jenný Mikaelsdóttir
Barbara Uhlik
Michaela Cagáňová
Angjelina Nonaj
Scott van Kampen Wieling
Clara Sharell
Ira Grünberger
Vix Salomonsen
Naomi Moonlion
Anna Carpaij


These works are dealing with delicate themes, indirectly or implicitly . Precious, carefully handled creations that invite the audience to explore subtleties of their surroundings. On this island, metaphorical and symbolic representations are an integral part of artistic expression.

Tobias Reinbrandt de Haan
Claudia Moraru
Hein ter Linden
Benedetta Ciappini
Nalani Knauss
Sabina Mérida Entrocassi
Ale Conrado Carcasona


Projects that are collected on this island are aiming at destabilising people's beliefs and assumptions. Active and urgent works which point at issues take precedence. . They are challenging and thought provoking, either through their topic or visual presentation and artistic approach.

Flora Madu
Sacha Hoebergen
Dora Ramljak
Hanna Burgers
Hani Chladilová
Ieva Maslinskaitė
Anne-Claire Mackenzie Trujillo


These projects zoom in exploring the topics with precision, direction and analytically investigating the world . Works on this island explore intimacy through different dimensions. Either it is an engagement with a subject of an investigation or a personal story, the definition of closeness is expanding on this island.

Bødvar Hole
Jet Siemons
Angelus Sven Schnabl
Marjolein Asselberghs
Vincent Forstenlechner
Lotus Hebbing
Gilles Potte
Pauline Ruffiot
Nienke Roth

Our sincere gratitude to:

Ola Lanko, Trudie van der Harst, Patrick Speck, Hebbing family, Joris van den Einden, Yael Fechtner, Co knol, Bodil Hole, Gerlov van Engelenhoven, Cor van der Harst, Ingvild Sandberg, Jihane Touzani, Valerie Guilbat, Alex Viezeman, Greta Klus, Ewoud Herling, Wotskie, Rozemarijn, Ada de Haan, Davide Manna e Francesca Farina, Leonie von Saldern, Jordy Kenny, Vilma Sinha, Frederica Ciapini, Robert Roth, Hanneke Roth, Aisha Madu, Anna Rullman, Ton Rullman, Jan Burhers, Nora Schnabl-Andritsch, Catherine Finet, Sophie Wronecki-Mackenzie, Hotze Rullmann, Clara Anne Rullman, Willy Rullman, Max Madu, Familia Mérida Entrocassi, Johanna Birgir, Victor Asselberghs, Dirk-Jan Visser, Amédine Ganci, Marlou Opheij, Zebra fotostudio’s, Ted Asselsberghs.

Gemeente Den Haag & Royal Academy of Art