This project started with the investigation at one of Europe’s leading applied research facilities, Wageningen University.
The initial thought was to highlight the Netherlands as the worlds largest exporter when it comes to tomatoes, with a critical eye on the proportionality of population density and land use. During my attempts of applied research it was not possible to acquire the complete inside/outside perspective I was looking for, since a lot of these informations are confidential.

As a consequence I had to rethink that initial idea. It came to my mind to make up a story, based on dutch agriculture evolving through history, and building a fictional narrative around it: the report of the discovery and cultivation of a plant to guarantee coming food production.

I intend to trick the reader by combining archival material with the footage I still had from my time at Wageningen University and blend a new form of a possible reality.

With this project I aim to manifest the possibilities of the photographic medium as a tool of deception.

Angelus Sven Schnabl

I want to emphasise on the idea that whatever we see, we tend to believe.
By looking at the world, one thing I can recognise is that we are in a constant change.
The past, present and future shape our conscious and let us imagine, that we perceive images how we want to.
For me, the moment of perception is key in my practise.

Within this practise my starting point is the mundane documentary approach.
I pick up an occurrence and start building a fictional narrative around, and blend a new form of a possible reality.