Day 1 – before a Journey:

For me, the journey always starts before the departure. The idea of the project, the story that leads me to it, the preparation of the material or the art of going from a 19 kilos bag to 16 by scraping the smallest dispensable gram. This project, for me, starts in summer 2020. Passing through the Alps with my mother to see the rest of my family, we want to take the opportunity to hike.
I chose the place of Sixt which, in my memories, had left me breathless with its monumental rock for­mations, its vivid waterfalls falling from the top of the surrounding cliffs and the colors of nature, trees, flowers, ...
Of course every hike starts by checking maps, and for the first time (that I can remember) my grand­mother takes out a very simple red binder from her library, on it is a single label: “Haute-Savoie, Robert Bonneville”.
In this binder I discover dozens of photos, maps, notes, meticulously arranged and organized. In front of me a complete guide of the Haute-Savoie, made by my grandfather whom I did not know very well. My passion for travel, travel books and explorers seized me and it became obvious that I had to follow in his footsteps, using my practice of photography and travel in the mountains that animated him.

Extract from the project:
Day 2 – a walk by night

We wake up to the late sound of the nearby market, full of energy with a bright sky shining its warmth through the window. After a small breakfast made of eggs and left-over charcuterie, we head to buy the few last things needed for our trip: a water jug, some food, and a bit of tobacco.
A quick check on the weather apps and the maps to decide where we’re headed. Our decision is to go on the “Villard’s Teeth” where we’ll have a full sight on the city of Courchevel and the surrounding mountains closing the valley. We travel for about 25 minutes through mountain roads, and park near the “Rosiere’s lake”.
The lake is a shining pale blue surface, rippled only by soft wind we can see fishes swimming on the lookout for food. On the other side of the lake two cliff facing each others are framing a mountain with huge chunk of raw rocks, a couple of hikers is crossing the via ferrata above the lake connecting both cliffs.
We start walking toward the forest and the hiking route, the way is soft and the sound of the river and nearby cascade feeding the lake gives us a good rhythm.
As we follow the river we face a blocked trail, we were a bit too hypnotized and forgot to check the signs. As we go back we find the right trail entering deep in the forest. The road is steep. I can feel my face heating and the same muscles I use to deliver food waking up in my legs.

After about fourty minutes hiking up, the trees start to fade away, offering us patches of landscape on the valley. I unpack my camera and finally start shooting. The sky is pristine, not a single cloud is wrapping the top of nearby mountains and the fresh air refreshes my back. We keep on climbing for another fourty-five minutes and reach the “Chall’s Col” that’ll lead us to the peak.
We’re now at 2069 meters and are aiming for another 200. The vegetation is now mainly bushes and we feel the air getting fresher as it’s already late. We keep on following the Col at a good pace and finally reaches the peak while a biker starts heading down. We now have a 360 degree view on the surrounding mountains coated by a purple and red sky, in front of us is the natural park of Pralognan en Vanoise, if you face to the other side you can see Courchevel staring to be enlighten by all the night lights of people in their houses. The sight of this sunset keeps me voiceless, I think I could watch this view for hours but the sun is rapidly hiding and the light is getting darker, I enjoy the view as much as I can before turning back to start descending.
We start heading down on the same path we took and, as we reach the forest, it is now pitch black. The only light we have comes from a single cellphone and, as we head down, the sounds around us starts changing. We don’t hear birds anymore but probably deers and foxes.
After an hour and and a half of this descent we finally reach the car and head home for a late meeting with all our friends on discord.