Fluid forests A story about a hidden truth of an underwater world
closely > Nienke Rood

When we wander over the outer edges of dry land, many of us do so whilst being unaware we’re passing a wonderful phenomenon. You’ve probably seen, smelled, or felt it yourself upon entering these bare landscapes commonly known as beaches: small piles of seaweed, scattered over the beach. Forests of it growing over rocks, nestled away in isolated bays. Something soft and slippery brushing your leg, making your heart skip a beat.
These macro algae appear unimportant, yet, they are the reason we are able to breathe on this planet. Nicknamed ‘the lungs of the earth’, seaweed produces over 70% of our oxygen, and does wonders in keeping air and oceans clean. Seaweed has countless neglected qualities, and proves to be a telling example of our unfamiliarity with our natural environment nowadays. If you allow, this project can bring you a bit closer to getting acquainted with the intricate network that exists around us and within us.

Nienke Rood

Nienke Rood (b.1999) is a multimedia artist based in The Hague, NL, currently studying photography at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK). Through photography, video, text and installation work, she creates mostly surrealist narratives, containing clues about the world’s real occurences. Her fascinations are deeply rooted in phenomena that remain difficult to grasp in daily life: Death, Deep Time, the human psyche. A returning element in her work is the ancient collective connection of humans with each other and the world around them. With childlike curiosity, she questions human desires, fears, wonders, pasts – sometimes in the solitude of her dimly lit room at night, other times out in nature, working with material hands on. Her work aims to remind people that they have minds that they can use in any way they want to, since she feels a rich experience of the world starts with imagination.