These images form my personal record of the dutch urban landscape. Pondering within these cityscapes the photographs were taken against the backdrop of a time in which the Netherlands are experiencing a massive housing shortage. Juxtaposing traces of decay in architecture with portraits of young adults living in antisquats or student housings. The project combines a mix of contents to create a liminal space that represent my worrying about the future developments in this highly constructed country. In that sense I highlight the contradictions of this environment, in which people are pushed to the outskirts or have to exchange affordability with limited rental rights. Subsequently understanding these make-shift structures as contemporary way to cope with the pressures of a capsular civilization. STAIN OF PLACE aims to translate these uncertainties of present urbanism through photography.

Vincent Forstenlechner

Vincent Forstenlechner is a visual artist and photographer originally from Salzburg, Austria. His work focuses on long-form projects investigating personal and social themes questioning the connection of memory, identity and place through photography. Especially focusing on how changes in landscape and architecture shape our society. Through this he is interested in highlighting and uncovering oblique connections that are present in our everyday life. Thereby he often takes a documentary approach and incorporates staged and abstract images to emphasize these intangible dynamics. By mixing different ways to deal with reality he is seeking to construct his own narratives which are not grounded in reality but a commentary on the subject he is encountering.