Blank, suddenly I remember you.
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Is an exploration of an individual’s inner world. Closing in, its a search for a true self. A discovery of vulnerabilities and other perceptions that we normally wouldn’t reveal about ourselves. By entering the unconsciousness, reuniting with its shadow. The so-called dark side of a personality, through questioning the phenomenology of dreams. To understand what lies deeper in our psyche. Finding clues; what crimes we are capable of? and what good we can do?

Dreams, as we all know, are very egregious things: some elements are presented with appalling vividness constructed of nostalgic memories. While others disappear and they remain quite obscure. By processing experiences of our inner-images.) I penetrate into a zone that does not seem to be stimulated by reason but more likely by our inner personality desires. Those desires are reconciled with characters that fluidly enter worlds that looks like a parallel of our society.

Those characters go on a journey and infiltrate a world that is reconstructed of an existent landscape that is built from lens-based images while the others are remain made merely as reflections of dreams. This also applies to the CGI characters. They represent people from daily observations while others get downloaded, manipulated, gifted a voice and facial expressions and movement to perform without desire for unity, reason, or clarity. A place that seems certain is that it conforms to no obvious shape or pattern, there starts a conflict between my inner human reason and an unreasonable universe.

This personal journey also obtruded experiences of emotional and domestic violence based from youth, A loss of innocence occurs in a variety of forms. because of this there, appeared a dream-figure. A combination of man and animal or somewhat human fused with animal body parts, connected to a perverse system, through confabulated visions I tried to recreate this character, with digital software and likely to fail since monsters are transgressions amidst physics and moral boundaries. by facing this dream narrative, “I don’t know whether this world has a meaning that transcends it, But I know that I do not know that meaning and that it is impossible for me just now to know it.”

Leonardo Reuvekamp

My name is Leonardo Reuvekamp [born in 1996} originally From the Netherlands studying photography at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague. I am an artist tending to explore the mystery of spiritual existences with interest in media and technology, depicting landscapes culled from mythological, historical, sources questioning the reliability of our memory where facts and fiction coexist.