The Certainty of Change
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Hello friends and haters of change.
My project ‚The Certainty of Change’ reflects on the differences in lifestyle that come with a life changing event. Focused on changes that cannot be undone, this photo series makes the viewer question in how far the before and the afterwards collide through social expectations or through nature. These changes are for instance puberty, birth, death, permanent injuries, aging, etc. By depicting each of these scenarios in carefully staged photographs, I want to make the viewer get sucked into the situation and empathize with the character(s).
Can this series change the viewer’s perception and consciousness on a ‚certainty of change‘ and therewith, even ultimately change their own lifestyle?
For example: A young teenager is admiring her new leg hair in a mirror, while sitting in the midst of her toys in her childhood room. Her body is changing. In how far is she obliged to stop playing and proceed into the next chapter of her life?
A mother is holding her newborn while the father looks around the messy room. The scene looks as if these young parents were maybe not ready to have a child yet. In how far do they have to let go of their youth?

Magali Speicher

To me photography is not only a tool to capture special moments in real life, it is a tool to create new situations and to let people get a glimpse of what my imaginary worlds look like. I depict fictional characters in their current surroundings, not looking at the camera, but minding their own business.
Like that, I like to put my subjects into a staged context, especially in retro perspectives. Mostly I point out the mystery factor in a situation and create an alternative world which raises the question ‚in how far is this real?’.

Lately, I build my work around inner sensations, such as dreaming and fearing. My goal is to make people aware of their own sensations.

When did I grow up?

When am I grown-up?

Will I grow cold?

Will I grow with it?

How will I grow old?

Would we grow?


Once stuck in a loop of routine and denial, a young woman is forced to face what once was again. Unable to shed more tears, an empty heart has to fight its way back to health.

Switch is a short movie by Wouter van Wessel and Magali Speicher. With a surrealist approach and a musical accompaniment, a new facet to love, death and grief is offered.

Under those keywords, Magali links this film to her visual project ‚The Certainty of Change‘.