No remorse for a fallen chromosome
loosely > Megan Irusta Cornet

A study between post-human motivations and the potential outcome for humanity. Developing more questions and suggestions rather than answers and arguments. Human makes machine, human teaches machine to mend human to be more like machine. Computer generated animations, 3d printed objects and sound all meet through projections.

Mitosis, an essential part of life, provides new cells to grow and replaces worn out cells. This work uses the process of mitosis and projects its phases on transhuman thought. To foresee a potential future as original human and enhanced human meet each other.

There they lay, there they lay.
Awoken by the piercing sound, the heavy breath, odourless odour.
As their bodies lifted their senses began to buzz synchronically.
The environment which were each other.
Each confined collectively to their according bubbles.
To define the bubble would be a waste of time.
The bubbles have their own barcode, though coated with metallic skin can merge with other bubbles through specific orifices.
These chromosomes live repetitive lives. Wake up every few moments to dance along the devices of their environment. They feed on their dancing, each other’s dancing.
When one falls, another rises.
The cycle is infinite.
All we are, are bags of skin which bring filth to what we touch.
The bubble can be shared, abused, loved, threatened. It’s coating, the taste of iron forms as you watch.
The chromosomes are individual beings which lack voice.
Only function is dancing. One falls, another stands.
Never does the space be unkept.
All this talk on the demise of human beings,
It will never be mastered,
Not with reward.
Great inadequate coverage.
Prone to consequential bias.
Too human to sign off.
Too human to know any better.
But of course.
It seemingly would not end here at this envisioned post-human.
The year will be 2050 P-H.
Excuses are part of the ignorance.
Consuming the saturated fats of data.
Flesh, lard and a bag of skin.

Megan Irusta Cornet

My interests depend on research which then fuels the making. The making involves computer generated images and sounds [mainly], among others but for now these are my main tools. Using the medium as a tool to investigate what ‘is’ an image, which I believe is never the same today as it is tomorrow. As of yet I have no answers to these questions, answering a question with another question is a turn on. Developing this dialogue of questioning, a conversation which one can come away feeling.

No remorse for a fallen chromosome