derived from oblivion
loosely > Monika Góralczyk

The possible dystopian scenario of an individual who lost their sense of perceiving because of constant surveillance that caused the struggle of distinguishing reality from fiction. Showing the never-ending confrontation with understanding fragility of the reality and things being ephemeral while losing themselves in the virtual phantasmagoria that is very limited to particular area of what the person still can grasp.

Sound: distope

Monika Góralczyk

I’m trying to explore the borders of photography by combining it with 3D medium, constantly questioning myself and trying to find the connection with reality and fiction, since my topics often revolve around disconnection from reality that is being translated into dreams, memories, impact of neoliberal system and the role of technology in our lives. Through a practice that involves layering research with visuals I am aiming to show an understanding from my side and I want to spread awareness to others, since I often feel disconnected from reality. By making images I have the opportunity to translate certain topics into something that can be more accessible for people.