ANGUILLA FORMS (a meditation on fluidity, the unknown, and unanswerable questions - an exploration of my own identity, using the eel as a tool to remove myself from a human context)
loosely > Sabi Nicholson

this project is about eels.
they’re something of a scientific mystery - we don’t understand how they breed; all we know is that they travel across the world en masse (driven by some unknown urge) to the sargasso sea to mate, lay eggs, and die.
when these millions of orphan eggs hatch into millions of tiny larval eels, they’re carried away by ocean currents and sown across the globe to find their way back to other rivers and seas, to mature and repeat the cycle.
before they reach this final stage in their lives, they have no genitals, their sex determined entirely by environmental factors. if they never fully mature due to this biological impulse to travel to the sargasso sea and breed, they can live almost forever, in a state of eternal nonbinary youth.
contemporary science and logic cannot exactly pinpoint the reasons for or answers to these mysteries, and in that fluid space, i feel recognised: an anomaly, an unknown vector.
this project is about me.