Dough sticks to my kitchen counter every week Jewish identity through community and rituals
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Over two years of living away from home meant over two years of being detached from the Jewish community. This part of my identity that likes to stay private, hidden, quiet.

On Shabbat - the Jewish day of rest - we celebrate family, home, and togetherness. Focusing on specific Shabbat rituals, I reached out to fellow Jewish students, trying to find out what it is that we associate with being Jewish, what about it that makes us feel so at home, and what sparks these feelings of belonging. 

"Dough sticks to my kitchen counter every week" speaks of the ability to find communality no matter where we are, the ability to be home to one another. It delves into our collective and individual experiences - united in diversity. Taking care of each other, embracing old traditions and allowing them to become new ones. It calls to be seen and to be heard; to be proud and confident about being Jewish. Through these connections and collaborations, I give space and new associations to an identity that stays invisible to many people. By giving value to these traditions and rituals, I slowly find my way back to this quiet, but significant part of my identity. 

Clara Sharell

As an image-based artist, I use photography, video and writing as an excuse to dive into the overarching theme of culture and identity. My topics revolve around collective memory and experience, with a specific focus on the Jewish community. I focus on the things that make us feel connected, that create a feeling of belonging - rituals, our inner child or the connection to our families. Anchored in a research-based practice, I make use of traditional and non-traditional research methods such as interviews, writing, cooking and baking, and performing rituals. I explore different materials within my work, with a special interest in textile, tufting and embroidery. The work intends to create spaces that spark dialogue and help us understand ourselves and each other, taking away our fear of the unknown. A place that can be home to all of us.

Oh, Challah

reflections on challah

We are each other’s home

Dough sticks to my kitchen counter every week