As a child I spent my afternoons playing at my family’s factory, where we made blinds. The walls were covered by calendars of naked women, some commissioned by my own grandfather.

One morning, when the thirty men started their shift, the women were not naked anymore. I had drawn underwear for all of them with permanent marker. As a child I thought it unfair, those women were left there, standing naked. They were being watched over and over until the point that the paper even started fading.

These early interactions with objectification, the photo, and the body. I began to develop a project relating photography with sex work.

I asked my friend Moon Baby if she wanted to collaborate. She was very enthusiastic about it. She only had a requirement: helping her create content for her OnlyFans account. I accepted.

Helena Roig

Helena started her photographic journey 10 years ago as a documentary photographer. Her practice had now evolved and focuses on an interdisciplinary working methodology. Within her practice she collaborates across mediums, currently concentrating on the digital imagery, video, online archive and traditional lens based practices.

Her practice is informed by a response to the perverse relationship between the photographic medium, power and the challenges of consent that comes with it.

Roig uses the camera to reverse and deconstruct ideas of the gaze and community self-defense practices. At the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic in 2020, she started exploring the political aspects of digital intimacy, when life began to be online more than ever. She does so by analyzing, manipulating, reappropriating digital imagery.