solid fracture of an endless body
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When we build a house we construct a reality for ourselves, in which we try to materialize our dreams and desires. By using Photography and Sculpture as a collaborative force I was looking for ways to trace the memory the materials experience, while they are creating the space for us to live in. The materials used for this project are collected from places of Deconstruction. Those materials embody transformation, they are continuous in their becoming, the same as we humans are.

The work comes together in the form of an installation, in which photographic and construction materials are combined with sculptures, all following the attempt to materialize memory. The installation is inspired by construction sites, in which the construction becomes a metaphor for the way we use materials to build our world and create realities for ourselves.

Ira Grünberger

Ira Grünberger (born 1997) is an artist and photographer from Austria, currently based in The Hague, where she studies Photography at the Royal Academy of Art. She is the co-founder of the artist collective ECLECT Lab.

Her work is primarily inspired by ideas of new materialism, and the way humans interact with artificially assembled environments. By using a playful approach towards photography, her work explores the tension between flat surface and three-dimensional space. She often experiments with the combination of staged photography and observations of architecture and human gesture.

Furthermore her artistic practice is comprised of using photography as a tool to create installations and sculptures, combining image creation with welding, frame making and pottery.

artist statement

The materials that build our world influence the way we navigate our environment. Our relation to those materials is what interests me: If we feel empathy for the non-human, how does it change the way we interact with our environment?

By engaging with those materials I am exploring the ambiguity we can find in the relations of human and non-human. Using a playful approach towards photography, I explore the tension between flat surface and three-dimensional space. The work itself materializes through installation, bringing together photographic image, moving image and sculpture, creating a conversation between each other.

construction I (stonegravelbubblewrap)

construction II (Scan 121-12)

construction III (how to build a house)

construction IV (on site)

construction V (installation view I)

frames I

frames II (clay memorizing sandpaper)

frames III (sketches)

frames IV (metal construction based on floorplans)

house I (dreaming of stability and peace)

house II (fallen to pieces)

house III (forgot to close the door)

house IV (burning it down, building it up again)

i love when things break I (chains)

construction III (how to build a house)

i love when things break II (sculpture, broken pieces)

i love when things break (chains II)

i love when things break (chains III)

material memory I

material memory II (Scan 29-10)

construction III (how to build a house)

material memory III (cyanotype memorizing its trauma experienced through crumbling)

material memory IV (Scan 29-9)

material memory V (installation view II)

material memory VI (Scan 27-8 with oxcidated metal)