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How is it, a person who speaks English as a second language doesn't recognise the automatic response to the question “how are you?” with "I'm fine" until a photography project starts and investigates how this is in fact the most boring answer to give another person?

I'm not here to show you all the answers/sentences I collected during this investigation. My phone is out of memory because of that folder. Also I worry that could serve more as a dictionary. But I will tell you, the spectrum of answers I got from simply asking this question was interesting, so much that I wanted to challenge the photography medium.

In my intuitive process I was on the lookout for contrast, some opposites and slowly noticed it could be found everywhere around. What makes this universe whole, are all the opposites, I think. Fire vs. water, air vs. earth etc. They also attract each other. On a personal level these opposites attract me in relation to mental health. Finding opposites of being on two sides. How sometimes moods can go down and all of a sudden up.

Anyway, I gave my images the power to reveal and hide parts of them by using the method of basketry weaving. It's a way to represent and recreate a conversation… Where two images have a dialogue, intertwining with each other. I'm forcing them to do so by aggressively pushing them together in a pattern. Or even the same image has an internal dialogue, with not so sharp results. Therefore shining a light on how important it is to be with each other and try to ask each other how we feel, truly, so we can see the big picture clearer.

Weaving, in this case, becomes a metaphor for activities - We weave conversations, stories in order to truly see that even if we showcase opposites, we can still mingle together as one.

Jenný Mikaelsdóttir

Sensitive soul and image-maker from Iceland. Hi, I'm Jenný Mikaelsdóttir. I welcomed being a sensitive soul as soon as I discovered constructing images. This is where my drive comes from as an image-maker as well as a human. Trying to understand the world; my creation is a way to make sense of human existence; emotions, communications and history. To name a few. With this ground, trying out different mediums to add layers to the images opens up. I like to challenge the image. My work becomes a poetic tension between image and; text, collages, archive etc. My tendencies are to be on the lookout for possibilities for material I find in my surroundings. Give them a new meaning, a new place in my work. Everything deserves a second chance and a purpose in my practice. Embracing play and intuition.

Our brain consists of 90% water, so of course, some thoughts are sinking. They want to get out. So how about I spit it out, right on you, would you then be willing to see we need to share our thoughts. Perhaps it would be easier that way. The act of spitting becomes so urgent it has to realise itself. The other, you, would have to force a verbal reaction, would it be fine, or are you giving room for deeper sayings… And on the days you tell me you feel empty, could it be the brain misses water. Tank being completely empty - no thoughts & no spits.

Sometimes Up, Sometimes Down