Fever Dreams of a Hermit Care as a non binary act: tipping the scales of carelessness
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Fever dreams of a Hermit is an exploration of care practices and different forms of caregiving. In this project the focus is on care principles that are based on basic human needs, such as: rest, nourishment, touch, play, safety, warmth, listening and more.

The project manifests itself into a short film, handmade care tools, The Hermit’s Oracle card-game set and a corresponding handbook with essays and Tarot guidelines.

Through Fever dreams of a Hermit I try to understand how caregiving always has multiple sides, where the giver and receiver of care are never fully in an equal power balance. I see care as a non binary act.

I do not provide a concrete solution for the world’s carelessness, but I hope to encourage you to question your caregiving practices, and to care more gently.

Can we tip the scales of carelessness to one of conscious interdependent care?

Naomi Moonlion

Naomi Moonlion is a non binary artist, witch and writer. They are based in The Hague, the Netherlands.
Through their interdisciplinary art projects, they aim to make utopian and political fantasies into reality.

Their work manifests itself in embodied research, approaching topics like identity politics or creating community through a queer and shamanist perspective.
They hope to facilitate a space for people to discuss society in an open and honest way, throughout the entire process of creating. By sharing their perspectives with their audience, they urge people to relate to their humanness together.

Fever Dreams of a Hermit.

5 Tarot characters share caregiving practices with each other, with the help of distinctive “care tools.” The film only features physical acting, trancelike repetitive movements refer to the swing between attentive and inattentiveness in care practices. It reminds us that though we might be witnessing caregiving, the current default in the world is carelessness. Sometimes all we can do to escape that reality is to disappear into numbness.

The Hermit’s Oracle Handbook.

The Hermit’s Oracle deck. Preorder The Hermit’s Oracle deck and the handbook in my shop Or send me a message on Instagram @naomimoonlion

XXIV Protection

VII The Chariot

III The Empress

VI The Lovers

I The Magician

X Time

XXXX Wands


XXX Love

This project was realized with help from: Kristel Rigaud, Maria Moonlion, Eric Eliel, Jael Moonlion, Madeline Swainhart, Kelsey Corby, Kexin Hao, Natalia Nikoniuk, Ayla Aron, Nienke Roth, Vixtoria Solomonsen, Helena Roig, Sydney Rahimtoola, Yamuna Forzani, Joel Quayson, Zeynep Yilmaz, Toto Stoffels, Marieke Dijsselhof, Sergi Vilavella Font, Ema Rivas Leal, Merlijn de Jong, Angjelina Nonaj, Bødvar Hole, Sabi Nicholson, Ira Grünberger, Ieva Maslinskaite, Jenný Mikaelsdóttir.