A Maze is a structure of choice making, a Labyrinth is a single road to follow. Meaning, you have to master the road in a Maze by making decisions and choosing paths. In a Labyrinth you are submissive of the road, you have to trust that it leads you.

This work takes aspects in both structures, investigating a journey of performer Isla Clarke in a fictional story on virtual and actual worlds. The virtual world deals with imagination - what Isla sees. The actual world deals with reality - what Isla does and what we see.

The video work is constructed into 3 parts: Naivety, Roadblock and Liberty, where the Liberty part leads Isla back to Naivety - an optimistic wish and desire for experiencing things for the first time again. The circular structure of the video work illustrates more of a Labyrinth where the roads within the body of work illustrates more of Maze because the parts are influenced by Islas choices and actions.

The Actual world is made by Vixtoria Salomonsen and the Virtual world is made in collaboration with CGI duo Orgaphine.

CGI - Orgaphine @Orgaphine
Character - Isla Clarke @Earth___Princess
Music - Xuri Pe @Xuri_pe Costume design - Ieva Drobenkaite @Ievas_drobe

Vixtoria Salomonsen

"I love to feel that they let me.

That the boundaries and lines between us are blurred and that we together in a collaboration are creating something that we both can stand by.

I am in my images as much as the subject I am directing and photographing. We mirror each other in each other's mistakes, movements and personalities. Together in a collaboration we create an atmosphere that is safe, secure and filled with trust.
Curiosity concurs fear."