Precarious Feeling Vulnerability as ethical infrastructure
otherly > Angelina Nonaj

When recognizing the fundamental contingency of the body_matter, we are faced with the inherent state of precarity of experience.

To admit this condition is to enter a “new bodily ontology” (Butler), where elements which compose life are not indifferent to each other but radically interconnected and in constant correspondence. To recenter vulnerability as an ethical value is to share mutual responsibility in the recreative process of building architectures of trust and unknowability.

Through a pluriform exploration of materiality and physicality (skin, glass, fire, paper), this project tries to both juxtapose and let emerge reciprocal elements of embodied vulnerabilities.

While the photographic medium is used to juxtapose and evoke sensorial and subtle visual dialogues, the glass shelters are used as embodiment of an archetypical form of protection, one in which safety is provided, but stable security is not guaranteed. To shelter is to rethink the architectures of our relationships as interdependent and non-hierarchical. To shelter is a verb, an action of unclaiming domestication, control, domain, without giving up the need to take care of each other.

Can we shelter each other?