One of the precious qualities of fashion is the elusiveness. Because of the constant deconstruction, coming back and rhythm by the seasons, it can be overwhelmed by its own ambivalence. Fashion in general is a social matter but above all an economic one. I am observing a kind of movement in high-fashion design, which crosses the threshold of glamour, chic and taste for luxury: a fashion that reconnects with fantasy(s), revisiting imagery, candid and lustful, of sexual « perversions », fetishes.

Fetishism and fashion feed off each other. Models on a runway can be superhuman creatures, with bodies of proportions that are quite unattainable for « common people » while at the same time they are at the core of the heart and the guts of a « spectacle » society. Puppets or actresses, they all may actively participate in the theatricalization of the parade, by their gestures, their manner of posing, their approach, their attitude, but also by their own body.

Anne-Claire Mackenzie

As a photographer, I try to capture and question the magnetism of fashion « spectral character » I started thinking of what really « fantasy » is about, and how it has become a sort of limitless motor that fashion enjoys to trigger into a capitalist loop; when in fact, fashion is such a complexe material. Through my project ‘Violence & Grace’ I wish to give reliefs to the links between these two worlds, both in the collective unconscious and it that of creators and a system of production.
In the method of working: care is something I try to visualize by the time invested, both in the production and reproduction of layers collaged pictures, with the research that help me to provide a context necessary for the topic I wanted to articulate.