Thuiskomen (Homecoming)
radically > Hanna Burgers

Home-birth is not radical. Home-birth is alarmingly casual. You can taste the casual in the mood after a home birth. Home-cooked meals, laughs, cups of tea, or a glass of bubbles. It is a celebration, a ceremony… and then you go to bed!

We have been birthing babies since we exist on this earth. The process of birth has not changed, but the emotional and spiritual conditions in which birth takes place have shifted extremely. For centuries, giving birth at home was common for the majority of women in The Netherlands. Due to medicalization around birth, nowadays many more women deliver at the hospital; only around 12% still gives birth at home - three times less than thirty years ago.

Despite home-births losing their popularity, they often help women turn to their intuition. In the most intimate and familiar environment, home-birth allows women to let their bodies guide the process. Simultaneously with the birth of babies, new versions of women are being born - a homecoming to their bodies.