There is No Point of Pure Stillness An investigation on Materials and their Vibrancy
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Everything is alive, but not all things are alive in the same way.
To be alive doesn’t solely mean to be human.

Inanimate physical entities present a power, an agency, a vibrancy too.
Vibrancy is in the single qualities of materials themselves, but also in the collaborations between materials, humans, and forces.
There is no point of pure stillness. Everything participates in a constant motion, a capacity of influencing and being influenced by others. It is everywhere around us, it involves us humans and the material world that surrounds us.

Where does this capacity unveil itself? How can the medium of photography grasp and represent it? How does photography itself participate in it?

Benni Ciappini

I am Benni.
Materials and the human relationship with them are what keep me curious and enthusiastic about making.
Photography is to me a great investigative tool. I create through experiments, testing, and trying out different ways to define my topics and showcase them.
The end result is a collection of examinations that support each other and together bring new meaning. In my images, you can find objects, raw materials, textures, mainly displayed in staged scenes. The physical world around us is full of dignity and power, and through depicting it I aim to make people look at materials in an alternative way other than the utilitarian one.