Just like everything else in this universe, we have our own vibrational frequency. Whatever frequency you are at will most likely fluctuate when you are exposed to certain people, situations or even your daily habits or moods. Vibration can also be associated with health. Crystals have been used for alternative practices of medical treatment and the first historical references to the use of crystals come from the Ancient Sumerians, who included crystals in magic formulas. 

How can we implement this form of healing into our daily life and see that there are other ways of healing rather than taking synthetic drugs that end up harming your body even more than when you first took them?

This project is an invitation to discover new forms of healing, using alternative methods of healing such as reiki, crystals, homeopathy or sound baths. Practitioners were interviewed and asked about their practice, their thoughts on health and diseases, how they can be treated and prevented.

Ale Conrado Carcasona

I found photography to be a perfect way to express my inner world and feelings towards certain subjects and recreate them, take the reality away from the photography and transform them into hypnagogic bodies of work. Transforming ordinary portraits into magical ones in which the subject is floating.

I want to bring dreams back to life, create a fictional world which allows the viewer to escape from reality. I want to make the viewer think, feel, dream, be surprised. Art should awaken something in the viewer-love, hate, disgust, you name it. For me, feeling is the key. We live in a world in which we are constantly surrounded by images, artworks, visual elements, but how often do we stop in front of an artwork and think to ourselves, “wow, this actually made me feel something?” Living in this time of increasing technological development we can sometimes become insensitive towards everything around us, even our own emotions. With my work, I want to encourage people to tap into their senses and learn when to take a pause to feel their emotions.

With my photography I intend to get reactions from people, I want to make them wonder, think, feel something, even if it’s negative.