Going out to smell the flowers
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This project stands as a visual lament and a homage for the moments in which one is faced with having to let go, such as accepting death and the passage of time, saying goodbye to childhood, heartbreak and loss of faith.

I am not only trying to suggest the mourning of the past, but also the following stage of it, which is acceptance and appreciation towards life and the other.

I am taking the viewer on a walk of letting go, while simultaneously trying to make them more aware of their surroundings, paying attention to the details that hide within the mundane.

Claudia Moraru

Through my images I am exploring the liminal state of existing between two realities: the emotional world, ruled by one’s deep feelings of love and fear, and the graspable, real world. I am trying to merge these two and visualise the way in which the emotional life influences the everyday and shapes memories.

The contrast between beautiful, aesthetically pleasing images and the sad topics creates a tension, adding a layer of bittersweetness to my work, allowing me to dig into the state of everyday nostalgia.

I alter the meaning and context of one image by working in open narratives and using non-conventional ways of sequencing: making combinations that apparently have nothing to do with each other, but which at a second glance generates new dynamics to the storyline. By doing this I am challenging the viewer to access their imagination and come up with their personal interpretations.

Alternative ways of printing such as cyanotype or risography add a graphic layer of playfulness to my work, changing the way in which something is being read, putting more focus on the meaning of the image, while still being in a dialogue with the depicted subject.