Yo no me arrepiento (I do not regret) Can we repot a person the same way we repot a plant?
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I follow planes despite I grew up and started to fear them. And now my legs start shaking whenever turbulences hit. I follow them because I love them. To not have solely one place I think of, when I think of home, also makes me shake when turbulences hit. But if you have floating roots you can take them anywhere. 

In this project, I try to shed light on the different experiences in my family nucleus, regarding having migrated from Argentina to Catalunya. I intended to reflect upon how immigration can be a key aspect of the development of one person’s identity, and I take my parents and myself as a subject of study. I present as a starting point the fictional question of whether you can repot a person the same way you can repot a plant. This premise served as a way to see the work and its intertwined subthemes in a more light way, since the topic of immigration has many layers and nuances to it, and can be complex to deal with. 

The project has two main parts. The first one is the construction of four plant pots. Cultural hybridity is a key aspect of an immigrant's identity construct, and by using different clays and colors I try to materialize this idea in hybrid pots. 

On the other hand, a video piece aims to be the bridge between my family’s experience to the audience’s. In it, you’ll find extracts of conversations where we talk about migration, while videos of archival material and new material are presented, trying to make sense out of the pieces of conversations and trying to create immediate connections between Catalunya and Argentina. 

 Overall the project aims to open the discussion about the third spaces that are created when moving around the world, expanding -and somehow disrupting- your familiarity with a place and sense of belonging.

Sabina Mérida Entrocassi

I use myself to understand the others and the outside

 I observe my body in order to understand the traces left from my past

 I am comfortable with the fact that i don’t know about many things, and don’t have many answers

 I do have many questions

 I protect my core because is soft

 I take care of other’s amors because i know they are soft as well

 I am looking inside

 I am being outside